10 Coffee Cups Every Designer Needs

My Cuppa Coffee

10 Coffee Cups Every Designer Needs

Everyone starts their day differently and has their own way to keep their energy levels high throughout the day. However, nothing really beats a steaming hot cup of coffee. Preferably with a packet of biscuits. Mcvities Chocolate Digestives, we’re looking at you.

As huge coffee lovers at WDR we can also appreciate a decent cup when we see one, because why should we have to settle for boring/plain/white ? A coffee cup that can make us laugh and maybe even give us a little inspiration is surely something that we NEED in our life, right? We hope you appreciate these awesome coffee cups, especially if you’re a fellow weary-eyed designer.



Simply pour your hot drink into this cup and let the game begin, we love the retro gaming spin on this design.

#2 Moustache Mugs


Peter Ibruegger designed the original moustache mugs and we definitely need them for our office.

#3 My Cuppa Coffee

My Cuppa Coffee

If you love playing with colours this is the cup for you, the colour matching guide is going to guarantee a perfect cuppa every time.

#4 Pixel Heart


Fill up your cup for the heart to turn red! Make sure to keep refilling throughout the day for optimal health.

#5 Dunk Mug

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 15.52.37

Need somewhere to stash your biscuits because how else are you going to finish that project?


Good Morning Mug

Just waking up from a good night’s sleep? Need to stay awake to finish that project? Maybe just a little bit hungover?

#7 Camera Lens

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.56.46

This travel cup is the best option for any photography lovers.

#8 Build-On Brick Lego

Brick-on Build Lego

Have your morning coffee and build it too? YES PLEASE!

#9 Advice Mug


Some no-nonsense reminders to just get on with your job.

#10 Don’t Even Think About It

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 15.39.23

Don’t even breath or look in my direction till I’ve had my first cup of coffee. Definitely don’t speak. Just don’t.

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