Go Grey For A Touch Of Warmth

Go Grey For A Touch Of Warmth

It can be pretty tricky to keep warm at this time of year, but there are clever ways you can make your interior design choices work harder for you and help to keep you snug until the summer. If this sounds appealing, make sure you ask the best painters and decorators Manchester has around to paint your offices in various shades of grey.

This colour is a particularly trendy one at the moment so not only will it help to make your workspace or home feel a lot more relaxing and warm, but you know you won’t have to redecorate any time soon as it doesn’t look like this hue is going to be falling out of favour any time soon.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, it’s important to have a refuge that you can bunker down in to shelter from the storm, so do all you can to make your place of work an inviting, welcome space for you and your members of staff.

Anything with a yellow base will help to make your greys that much warmer, so have a look to see what different paints there are out there. If you don’t know what to look for, tell your decorator what you want – they’ll definitely be able to source the right products for you.

Blue-green greys are also proving to be increasingly popular, so for a look that is truly timeless and that won’t fall out of fashion all that quickly, think about going down this route with your colour palette.


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