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Every web design project is only one of its kinds. But, there is one thing that these projects have in common. It is always started in gathering more information about what clients have in mind, where they want to lead the project, their values and their customers. All these comprise our web design preparation process.


All collected information is fully utilized and integrated in the planning process. But first, we start with the planning on what should be done to get you to your end-goal. It is here that we create a site map, with the list of all site’s main topic and sub topics. This part is essential in planning out the content to be placed at the website when the design process is completed. Lastly, we create a document that shows the details of what the site must do.


Creativity is needed in this part of our web design process. Based from the collected information, we’ve obtained a glimpse of what needs to be done to build the site that clients have in mind. It is in this stage when we let go of our creative juices to end up what we have started on the first stage.

Here, we tackle areas like the layout, type size and palettes to be integrated. This helps us determine the ideas that best communicate the goals created for the website. We present, refine and revise the plan until approval is obtained.


Upon the approval, our team immediately works on the development of the website. A working system will be built to mimic the presented and approved web design. This stage also includes testing the developed website before it is delivered to the client.


After the client’s performed testing and approval are obtained, our team proceeds to putting the website into its launching state. The rest of the requirement of the site is taken care of such as the content. Even after the finished website design, our team helps in populating it with content until it is ready for launch.


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