Terms & Conditions

1. Payments must be made promptly by Standing order.

2. If the account falls into arrears for any period of 21 days or more, there will be a charge of Β£50 added to the account, per occasion.

3. If the account goes into arrears for a period of 45 days, the website will be taken off line and the email accounts will be suspended until the arrears are cleared.

4. If the account goes into arrears for a period of 60 days, all outstanding amounts will be due in full, and we will instruct a debt collection agency to recoup if not paid.

5. After the total balance is cleared, the ownership will be transferred to the account holder. Until that time, it will be owned wholly by Web Design Revolution.

6. Monthly payment plans are not available on privately sourced hosting.

7. The balance can be cleared at any time or additional payments can be made at any time, with no charges to the account.

8. These terms and conditions may be changed at any time with one calendar month’s notice.

9. Installment plans only cover the cost of the original invoice – it does not cover maintenance plan fees or additional work fees unless agreed at the time of the original invoice. And once live, any issues, problems or fixes are the responsibility of the client, and would be chargeable at our normal hourly rate.

10. Our standard terms and conditions apply to all work.