Want to write for us?


Want to write for us?

Do you want to write for us?

COOL! Keep reading then…

We’d like to open up the opportunity for collaborations with guest bloggers in the following areas:

  • SEO
  • PHP, CSS, jQuery etc.
  • Web design and development
  • Apps
  • Social media
  • Tech
  • Marketing and sales

We are open to anything web, social, tech etc… – but if you think you’ve got an awesome piece of content that we need to see that isn’t related to the above, still send it over to us!

Our rules?

#1 It must be unique and provide value to the reader

We will check your article with Google and a variety of other sources to make sure it’s unique.
We only choose to accept articles which we feel provides value to our readers and will fit in with our content and our brand.

#2 Your article should be interactive

It should include a feature image.
Separate text in paragraphs for better readability.
Headlines, quotes, lists, infographics can all be used in your article.

#3 No spam

We review all article for spam posts and spam links.
Articles should be well written and adequately detailed.

#4 Don’t write for us because you just want backlinks

Our integrity and SEO of our blog is our priority, so we won’t accept any keyword filled articles.

#5 We get full rights of the articles

You’ll always be fully credited for the article and we’ll never say that it was written by us.
Once you send the article, and we post it on our blog, we get full rights for the content of that article. This is only so we make sure you don’t post the article somewhere else. We will always let you know when the post is live on our site.

#6 Author bio backlinks

We only allow a single backlink to your blog or site and that needs to be in your author bio, at the end of the article. Your social media links don’t count, so you can include all of these (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.)

If you want to write for us then you can use our contact form and let’s chat!

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